What our customers are saying...


“Megan greeted me by name and was polite, friendly, helpful and fast. She gets me on my way quickly which is important to me.” ~ Emily

“First and foremost I want to recognize Heidi for going above and beyond on the great service she provided to me. She made the whole loan experience extremely easy; she was with me every step of the way during the whole process.” ~ George

“Terri is so friendly. She will ask how I'm doing and how my family is doing. She and Judy make me feel like family!” ~ Joyce

“Some banks don't acknowledge you as you wait and what I really like about PennCrest BANK is that I am always acknowledged right away! I've had nothing but good experiences with PennCrest BANK.” ~ Amy

“Sarah was the person who helped me recently. She treated me with respect. I have already recommended the bank to others. I am over the moon with how happy I am with their service” ~ Theresa

“I worked with Chris and he was great! He got me in and out quickly. Everyone there, in general, is nice to be around.” ~ David

“At PennCrest BANK they make me feel like they value my business. They are always good at helping me. I will always recommend PennCrest BANK to friends and family without a doubt.” ~ Donna

“I would highly recommend you to other people. I liked working with Sue. She took great care of me by being efficient and accommodating since we both could not be there at the same time to sign paperwork. I like that we are on a first name basis with each other. I like the convenience most when working with this institution.” ~ Barbara

“PennCrest is a very honest bank. They not only care about my business but also they help me decide what is best for me, so instead of the bank looking for its own interests, it cares about mine. That makes me very proud. I always recommend PennCrest BANK.” ~ Joshua

“The wait time was great as it only took a few minutes. Terri helped me and she was very nice and made everything easy. I really like how convenient it is to use the online banking tool. Overall, everything was hassle-free.” ~ Joseph