What our customers are saying...


“Mary Beth is absolutely perfect. She went the extra mile to get me absolutely the best rate she could.” ~Thomas

“The management and tellers at PennCrest BANK are top notch. They are always top notch. I wouldn't go anywhere else.” ~Deb

“Sarah really did a great job. She was pleasant and she really helped me out a lot. She was able to answer any of the questions I had and she explained everything perfectly.” ~ Ryan

“I feel like their most important customer when I am there. It is convenient banking with you. I recommend you all the time.” ~Patrick

“The manager, Erica, that was in there was very nice and I got the best rate that was available.” ~Anthony

“The new account process was hassle free and I am very happy with the service.” ~Elijah

“I am extremely satisfied with the service I have received from PennCrest BANK. Alyssa Bodenschatz kept us in the loop and did everything in a timely manner.” ~Marcy

“I like that they are always friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. They do everything with a smile” ~David

“I have recommended you many times. My entire family banks there now. Megan and Lisa are excellent. They give you that personal touch.” ~Pete

“Sue Hetrick is excellent. Connie Hurd is great as well. Dawn and Hope are wonderful too. They called me by name the whole time I was there.” ~Ronald